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Schund vs Cine

Sometimes we fall

Kids in TSAF TSOUF love to roll


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Schund vs Cine

A special team of experts in modern sociology and ancient history operating in Berlin under the code name Schund crew were brought to Greece during the hot time of August to examine and analyse the

Sometimes we fall

Argen Troupia on a near death experience..

Kids in TSAF TSOUF love to roll

Since 2 years now we have a mini ramp set at the TSAF-TSOUF kids camp. This summer Rob Miller and Argen Troupia are spending some days there teaching kids

- La Blacklist -

Amazing edit of Julien merour that features many skaters with a raw feeling of skateboarding! We really enjoyed watching and we love the filming and editing of Julien! Total raw vibe with friends j

5 tricks of Alex Sitaras has just uploaded this 5 tricks of Alex Sitaras! Enjoy!

Session Over

This past week we had three sessions on our mini ramp with different crews eachtime.. Some of that is on video and some were not even shot... yet the sweat, the beer and the tricks flowed like they

Denim Shorts

Sweet Denim shorts available through our Store! Order via email or facebook!

Alex Sitaras has Profile

Finally Alex Sitaras has a place in our website eventhough he's earned his place in the team long time ago! Enjoy this

New Registered SnapBacks

Just Labded in iur flagship and will be available through our website next week!

Argen Troupia has a profile

check out! Photos shot by Dimitris Gountinakis

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