Definition: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.

Mission Statement: Staying true to our name’s definition, we here at Propaganda Rollin Co. are enforcers of the institution of skateboarding and raw street life, attempting to influence our audience and infect our subjects with subliminal messaging, ensuring that the negative idea surrounding street life and skateboarding can become a enlightening life changer full of positive energy! We are here to provoke, transform and shape the new reality influenced by nature and flourishing in the urban environment! 

Starting in 2005 we have been based in the home land of #crisis and gone through everything! Tried hard to educate the locals and deal with the authorities, organised since 2006 the biggest skateboarding event that still takes place in Greece every fall, the #7plyproject , producing quality products many times so hot that were too much ahead of our times! We are here to define persistence, we are here to offer more to the skateboard scene and all street lovers, style seekers, party freaks and art personas and most of all we are her to represent youth, since we are the creative adults that are still kids and will always be! Having successfully changed our entire countries attitude toward skateboarding, it has thus furthered our agenda in pursuit of new territories and citizens to get involved with! But who cares? There is no "then" there is just "now"! Now is the time to blow up and use the experience we have gathered all through this years. This list of events #since2005 makes us proud of actually being part of what is called today "european skateboard scene". Our team consisted of Mr. Danny Wainwright, many of Greece’s finest like John Geko, Gordios brothers, Nikos Molochtos, Notis Aggelis as well as France’s own Bastien Marlin, Maxime Genin and Julien Merour and many more that carried the flame along our side! The times are changing and we have a whole new approach aiming in supporting the local scenes wherever we can, offering great products and keeping everyone happy with no strings attached! Everyone is an everyday hero and everyone is in pursuit of happiness, we do not need idols to worship, all we need is pure fun! 

Do your math and be ready to feel the vibe cause we are #rollinabovetalkin ! Words are not necessary when we have all this heritage following us, building up every day what is shaping in the new form of our future, your future, #ourfuture . So let them all see you rollin and let them all hatin cause this is the deal! You roll they hate! But we roll together and we know where we are going cause we know where it all started from.

Being the number one skateboard company in our country comes with a lot of responsibility but our hard work proves why we are the trend setters and why the rest follow! #copypaste

The mediums used for our mission are uncompromised and irresistible skateboarding products, alongside an ever-expanding array of formidable apparel. This stuff will blow your mind and get you where you want in style, there is ultimately no chance of escape for you. 

On a final note, if you are one of the few remaining none-believers, do not get too comfortable no matter where you reside, because we will be knocking down your door before you know it. So remember, WE KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU, and this is not subject to debate or any form of protest. And beware, no one is safe, I repeat no one is safe. So repent now and start Rollin’, or else!!!