What u least expected is now available! This kit includes two sets of bamboo reusable chop sticks and a special plate made of #propagandask8 skateboards available in a limited quantity for #sushilovers and #asianfood fanatics! The plate might not be iso approved but comes to serve both our needs for sushi and our love for skateboarding. Wash before use.



Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες

49,90 €

The Tokyo Collection is inspired by the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics and the asian aesthetic that comes with the hosting city of Tokyo.

Skateboarding meets manga and anime culture, together with strong and unique graphics this collection will land step by step and is going to be a blast!

Our team and collaborators have worked for this pack since the summer of 2017 and we have put all the soul we can give in this creations.

We endorse diversity, we support the role of girls in skateboarding and we truly believe that very soon skateboard contest will not be segmented by gender cause girls keep progressing and skateboarding is the sport that will define equality of genders more than any other rule.

Skateboarding is the future, or then again women are the future!

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