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About Propaganda

Propaganda is a pioneer European skateboard and streetwear brand.

Established in 2005, Propaganda Rollin co. is the original skateboard and street wear brand that bared a mission of propagating the faith to skateboarding in the masses removing the negative image off the scene and adding a piece in the evolution of the sport in Greece and Europe.

Regardless the steps to progression and evolution, it has always been the streets, that shape and define what we are all about. Offering a sweet range of premium quality street wear Propaganda is about freedom of expression, loyalty, heritage and dedication to the true street lovers.

Timeless Classic logos along with unique fresh designs, combined with premium quality materials and high end materials and manufacturing dropped weekly, meet the fresh styles that stay relevant with the scene and will inevitably become your new new favorites everytime.

Founder of Propaganda is the skater and designer H.K. who is applying his concentrated knowledge coming from "stree life" originating from his youth in the nineties, he expresses through the brand creatively, with street aesthetics transforming ideas and his vision into hard rock canadian maple skateboards, that will suit the feet of the most demanding skateboarders, and a range of premium quality goodies manufactured with precission in every detail with methods of the high end fashion industry.

Collaborations are an important part of the Propaganda operation and since 2005 we have had product collaborations with companies such as Vans, DC Shoes, Eastpak, New Era, collaborations with artists such as Ser, Flying Fortress, Selina Hanei, musicians and djs and more all world-renowned skaters such as Danny Wainwright, Maxime Genin, Bastien Marlin, Nikos Molochtos and Notis Aggelis.

Our relationship with the street scene and the individual cultures is deeply rooted and is the driving force of Propaganda which with the perfect connection comes not only to offer products but at the same time education, knowledge, game and team spirit thus strengthening the local scenes and local heroes leading the stage in the new steps of street history.

There is only one rule and this rule is our stripe line : "Rollin Above Talkin" , so we just allow our work, our products, our events and our skateboarding to do the talkin.

Roll with us.